6 Benefits of Climate-Controlled Self-Storage

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If you have looked into storing your items in a storage unit, you have likely heard of climate-controlled storage. While you may not know what it is and what it does, you are probably aware that it usually costs more than a regular storage unit. This additional cost is not without benefits, which is what we will discuss in this article. 

What is Climate-Controlled Storage?

Climate-controlled storage units are storage units that are temperature controlled to protect items from extreme temperatures.  If the temperature rises above or below what you set the unit at, a ventilation system will kick on, restoring your unit to the appropriate levels. 

What Needs to Be Stored in Climate-Controlled Storage?

Now that you know how climate-controlled storage works, you are probably wondering if you could benefit from a climate-controlled storage unit. We’ll walk through a list of common items that need to be stored in a specific climate.

Clothing and Linens

While clothing may not seem like a storage item that’d require climate-control, certain fabrics such as lace and linens can be susceptible to extreme temperatures. If you have clothing made out of sensitive material or that you want to be sure remains in good condition - store them in a self storage unit.

Electronics, Plastics, and Vinyl

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Electronics are a common item to be stored in a climate-controlled unit, as they especially are sensitive to drastic weather change and extreme weather conditions. Freezing temperatures can cause electronics and vinyls to crack or break. Avoid the heartbreak of pulling your Xbox gaming system out of storage and discovering it won’t turn on due to weather damage and find your climate-controlled storage unit today at Safeguard Self Storage!


Just like clothing and linen, upholstered furniture can mold or mildew in high heat and humidity. Wooden and metal parts to furniture may rust, warp, crack, or break due to adverse weather exposure. By the time you go to use that spare bed or couch, you may find it isn’t stable enough to be used. Protect your furniture from the elements and choose climate-controlled storage.

Medical Supplies and Cosmetics

Medical supplies and cosmetics are another popular storage item. Damaged cosmetics and other related items can cause infections and other nasty things if they aren’t stored in a proper environment. Whether it's for personal or business use, Safeguard Self Storage is here to keep your business inventory or personal belongings protected.

Musical Instruments

If you find that you aren’t using your piano or guitar as much anymore or need a place to store it temporarily, self storage is a great solution. However, many musical instruments require a specific temperature to avoid wear and tear or potential damage caused by the elements. Luckily, Safeguard Self Storage offers climate-controlled storage units to provide additional protection from inclement weather or wear and tear through every season.

Benefits of Climate Controlled Storage

Whether your items weren’t on our list above or you’re still debating whether or not climate-controlled storage is right for you, we are here to provide additional information that will help you make your decision.

1. Protection from Adverse Climates

Since climate-controlled storage keeps the environment of the storage unit constant, you reap the benefit of having protection from heat and humidity. You should especially consider climate-controlled storage if you live in places with extreme heat, intense humidity, or both. Even if you don’t, extreme cold or dryness can also affect the items you have in storage.

2. Superior Air Quality

In addition to air circulation, climate-controlled storage units are typically sealed tight to help regulate the inside temperature. Avoid having to come around every so often and open your unit up to get fresh air. The combination of regulated temperature and frequent air circulation can help prevent risks such as mold or dust and debris. 

3. Better Longevity

Another great advantage of a climate-controlled storage unit is that the protection from drastic temperatures can help keep your items in their best condition. When your items are exposed to extreme heat or freezing temperatures, it can cause wear and tear and potential damage. WIth climate-controlled storage units, you can have peace of mind while storing your items for the long term knowing they are protected. 

4. Additional Protection from Dust and Debris

When storing your items for the long term, dust and debris can have an effect on your items. Certain items such as electronics can be damaged from dust or debris by settling into small holes or crevices and affecting how it operates.

5. Avoid Humidity

Humidity and moisture can cause damage to items while they are stored for the long-term. For items such as important documents, furniture, or appliances, it can cause rust and major damage. If you live in an area with high humidity or in a tropical climate, consider climate-controlled storage and protect your belongings from water damage.

6. Peace of Mind

All of these things considered, the most important thing climate-controlled storage can give you is peace of mind. Knowing that your items are stored appropriately will take one more item off your list of daily stressors, which is priceless.

Find Your Climate-Controlled Storage Unit at Safeguard Self Storage

When you’re ready to rent your climate-controlled storage unit,  find a local climate-controlled storage unit at Safeguard Self Storage! If nothing else, climate-controlled storage will give you peace of mind by knowing your items are safe even if you weren’t sure how to store them for only a few dollars more a month.

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