How to Take Care of Your Bike for Storage

Bikes are a great way to not only get more exercise but also explore the world around you through recreation and travel. However, when the offseason rears its head, you’ll need to prepare your bike to be placed in storage. After all, you shouldn't have to leave your bike vulnerable either outside or in your garage. 

There are simple ways you can protect your bike all by implementing some simple storage tips and tricks. In this blog, our team at Safeguard will lead you through ways you can take care of your bike in preparation for storage.

Tips on Bike Maintenance for Storage

Proper bike maintenance is a critical part of taking care of your bicycle. If a bike goes into storage without the proper preparation, the odds of it wearing out over time dramatically increase. For adequate bike maintenance, go through specific procedures to check the condition of your bicycle. These steps include checking the bike’s tire air, inspecting chains and brakes, and securing all bolts.

Bike Cleaning

One of the best ways you can keep your bike in tip-top shape is by cleaning it before storage. Use a brush to remove any mud or grime from your bike’s gears, brakes, joints, and so on. Additionally, remove any damaged or deflated tires and get them replaced as soon as you can.

Bike Lubrication

A critical part of cleaning your bike is lubrication. To lubricate your bike, you’ll need bicycle-specific oil and a cleaning rag. Dampen your rag with your oil and proceed to lubricate your bike. Make a note to focus on chains and don’t over-lubricate any part of your bike. 

Tips for Bike Storage

Once your bike is cleaned and maintained it’s time for the easy part: dropping it off at your storage unit. Here are a few storage tips on how to properly store your bike for this offseason to make your storage experience even more smooth: 

  • Use bicycle hooks
  • Utilize waterproof cover
  • Keep bikes away from the elements
  • Remove batteries (if needed)

Bike Winterization

In preparation for the winter, bike winterization for storage is a wise idea to take advantage of. In addition, make sure all cleaning, maintenance, and lubrication are done before the winter begins.

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