What to Look for When Choosing Self Storage?

Have you been considering self storage lately? That’s a good thing, because chances are you have been staring at a pile of stuff for a while. Self storage can give you piece of mind that your home is uncluttered and your things are being well maintained. But, before you go gung-ho and throw your stuff in the first storage unit available, you might want to consider these storage tips.

Convenience: There are a number of factors that make up convenience that you should consider: Location, the closer you live to your storage facility, the better. If you plan on making frequent visits, a location that is close, is ideal. Location amenities are also important, items such as flatbed carts to move your items from your car or truck to your unit are a huge help as are cargo elevators to move your items easily to upper floors. Does the facility have a drive in loading area to protect you and your items from inclement weather? Are the hallways wide enough to allow for easy passage to your unit?

Storage Hours: Check your storage facility’s office and access hours and make sure they work with your schedule. Some facilities require that you provide a day’s notice before entering your storage unit. If this doesn’t work, consider different self storage. You should be able to access your items at reasonable times seven days a week.

Security Features: One of the most important factors when deciding on a storage facility is the security system. These systems are designed to deter crime keeping you and your items safe. Does the storage facility have several deterrents in place? How are the individual units secured? Safeguard self storage provides state of the art security systems with computer-controlled access, individual door alarms, digital video recording and facility-wide intercom systems.

Trust and Confidence: Did you feel comfortable doing business with the storage company after visiting the location and discussing your storage needs with the store team? Did they provide you with exceptional customer service? Did they demonstrate to you that they want your business? Use your instincts to help you decide what storage company\location makes the most sense for you.

Special Storage: Do your items need a storage unit with a little more TLC? Air conditioned and heated storage units provide a friendly environment for delicate items. These storage units are designed to safeguard your items from the elements as if they were stored inside your home.

Size: As you probably can guess the size all depends on how much stuff you have to store. Do yourself a favor and go a bit bigger, because you might find more stuff to store along the way. A larger unit also makes it much easier to access your items when you have some additional room to move around in the unit. A larger space may also prevent damage to your items as you will not need to stack items on top of one another as much.

So now that you’ve considered moving that pile of items, it’s time to lock in on a storage facility. Safeguard Self Storage can help you every step of the way. We can reserve your storage unit in minutes, so contact us today!

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