Storage Tips for Organizing a Small Office

A filing cabinet drawer full of folders.

You don't need a big office to be successful, but your business needs room to grow. From the north end of Miracle Mile to the center of the Loop, desks disappear under clutter and closets explode with boxes. Every office in Chicago, IL can use a little extra business storage, so get ready to bust out the smart moves that keep you organized.

Start with Everything

If your office landscape looks like a reflection in the Bean, it's time to get back on an even keel. Empty each desk one drawer at a time. Clear out closets, corners and shelves. Take everything out of work stations, storage areas and break rooms, and then take stock. If you haven't used that equipment, looked at those records or flipped through that manual in more than a year, box it up for self storage. You now have room in desks, drawers and closets for taking care of business with well-organized space to spare.

Get Tough and Toss

Business storage here in Chicago is always affordable, but don't let that tempt you into keeping things you really don't need. You're making progress with those boxes ready to go, so get tough, and sort through them one more time. Work with a goal of eliminating half the stuff headed for self storage. Scan and convert paper records into digital files. Donate extra equipment and furniture to a local charity, and enjoy a small write-off. Once you've slimmed down the storage stash, an inventory makes it easier to track what you're moving into your unit.

Organize On- and Off-Site

Now that the office is clean and lean, you need more than good intentions to keep it that way. Make sure desk drawers stay tame with inexpensive dividers. Corral computer cables with cord ties and covers, and fill empty corners with floor-to-ceiling shelving. Extend organizing inspiration to your self-storage unit with labeled boxes and specific space dedicated to equipment, stock and records. This strategy saves sorting time whether you're dropping off or retrieving things, and it keeps the unit organized.

Who needs luxury suites on Wacker Drive when you can make the most of your space anywhere in the city?
Smart self storage solutions at Safeguard help small Chicago, IL businesses grow with affordable flexibility and dependable security. You're doing fine in your space, so make the most of it -- and you just might wind up on top of Willis Tower.

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