Tips for Storing Decorations After the Holidays End

You transformed your Bridgeview home into a masterpiece this holiday season, but now the festivities have ended. It's time to dismantle the lights, take down the tree and store everything safely in your Safeguard Self Storage unit until next year. Although a self storage unit is one of the safest places to keep your holiday treasures, it's important to pack and stack them properly if you want them to remain in pristine condition. Here are a few tips for keeping them safe, intact and ready for next season.

Expert Tips for Storing Holiday Decorations

  • Find proper storage materials; these include sturdy boxes or plastic bins, divided compartment boxes for tree ornaments and plenty of bubble wrap or tissue paper to protect fragile items.
  • As you work, create an inventory; it will be helpful to know exactly what you have when the season rolls around again.
  • Organize boxes by weight. Never place heavier boxes or bins on top of lighter ones.
  • Be sure that all items are completely clean and dry before storing them; this includes holiday linens and towels.
  • Don't store leftover holiday candy with other items. It may disintegrate and ruin decorations and ribbons, and it could also attract insects.
  • Be sure that paper items such as folded gift-wrap, books and cards are stored flat and in a waterproof container. Special vertical containers are available for storing rolls of gift wrap.
  • Unless you want a major headache next year, store your string lights carefully. If you don't have the original packaging, wrap them around a piece of cardboard in single file, or gather them into a circle, and secure them with clips or wire ties.
  • Organize your decorations by placing like items together and accurately labeling boxes. You won't regret it.
  • Insert delicate candles into old socks to prevent scratches.
  • If you have many small ornaments, you can store them neatly in an egg crate.
  • Before storing an artificial Christmas tree, remove all decorations including icicles and garland.
  • Wreaths are easily crushed. Place your wreath in an oversize box with plenty of soft packing material or a container designed specifically for wreaths.
  • Wrap holiday dishes in bubble wrap, and place them in a sturdy container or box.

Find the Right Self Storage Option in Bridgeview

Self storage is never one-size-fits-all. It's not necessary to pay for space you're not using. You can choose the size and type of unit that best meets your needs. If you don't know how much space you need, create an inventory of the items you intend to store, and talk to the storage experts at your local Safeguard location. Find the storage unit that works for you today so holidays are a breeze in years to come. 

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