Up-cycle Pallets for Cheap, Convenient Household Storage

Up-cycling is a positive, fun and environmentally friendly trend that has taken the nation by storm. Believe it or not, you might find the perfect item to up-cycle in your Lyons, Illinois storage locker. One of the most versatile and useful items to up-cycle is the wooden pallet. Pallets are flat transport structures used to stabilize merchandise or large items while they're being lifted by a forklift, pallet jack or similar device. Because old pallets are periodically discarded by local retailers, they're easy to find. One popular and simple way to use pallets is to create storage containers from them. Here are two of our favorite examples of how you can transform a plain wooden pallet into a cool, trendy storage solution. 

Easy Pallet Bookshelf

You only need one pallet to make this simple bookshelf that you can hang on your wall. It's perfect for storing children's books or magazines face-forward.

  1. Pry the center strip off of your pallet, and set it aside. You will later attach it to the side of the pallet, which will be the bottom of your bookshelf.
  2. Measure and mark a straight line about two inches above the highest wood strip on one side of the pallet.
  3. Using a jigsaw, cut straight across.
  4. Attach the center pallet strip onto the bottom of the cut pallet; this will hold stored items upright.
  5. Sand all sharp edges, and stain or paint your bookshelf in a color of your choice.
  6. Hang the bookshelf using drywall anchors, and fill with favorite books, magazines or other flat items.

Simple Pallet Storage Bin

Simple storage bins with or without handles are great for storing just about anything. You can paint or stain them to match your decor, or leave them plain for a rustic look.

  1. Use the base of an assembled pallet to serve as the bottom of your bin.
  2. Gather and cut pallet wood strips to match the length and width of the base. For larger bins, you may need to acquire wood from additional sources.
  3. Using nails and wood glue, attach the pallet boards together to form a rectangular shape that represents the dimensions of the base and the desired height of the bin.
  4. With the bin inverted, attach the base.
  5. Attach handles or a hinged lid if desired.

Using Pallets Inside Storage Lockers or Units

Wooden storage bins made from pallets are perfect for your Lyons self storage unit. Use them to store books, collectibles, holiday decorations and more. To provide extra protection for fragile items, create bins with hinged wooden lids. Unaltered pallets can be used to increase ventilation; simply place boxes, furniture or lightweight appliances on top of them. This provides great airflow and allows your items to be protected from liquid spills. To rent a convenient and affordable self storage unit, contact Safeguard Self Storage today. 

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