Explore the Deep Sea with These Submarine Crafts

A nautical themed children's room, with porthole decorations, life preservers, etc.

The Mississippi River, Lake Salvador and the Gulf of Mexico – Harvey, LA is surrounded by water everywhere. From the rivers to the sea, each body of water has a ton of aquatic life for your family to discover. On March 18, Safeguard Self Storage is celebrating Submarine Day by sharing awesome ways to learn about underwater exploration – including tips for turning your child’s room into an oasis under the sea.


Learning more about Underwater Life

Downtown Harvey, LA sits seven miles from the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas in New Orleans. Whether it's stingrays, seahorses or sharks, you can see all types of aquatic life, as well as animals like the otter that love both water and land. During your visit, make sure to take the kids to the Penguin Pass, which takes them backstage for a chance to meet the penguins up close.

On March 18, celebrate Submarine Day with a trip to the aquarium. Your kids will see and learn about different kinds of fish and watch them up close as they swim in the tank. You can also use this experience to come up with some really cool underwater ideas for a DIY room decorating project.

Creating an Underwater Room for Kids

With a little imagination and a few items, you'll transform your kid’s room into an underwater world. For the lighting, replace the standard bulbs in the lamps with light and dark blue bulbs. Using a textured lamp shade will help to cast a water pattern on the walls, and the blue light will add to the effect.


If you’re artistically inclined, a few painted fish and coral will add the perfect touch to your sea faring adventure. For those whose talents lie elsewhere, vinyl wall art is a great option for semi-permanent decorations.

A large cardboard box makes the perfect submarine for kids, but you'll have to alter it a little bit. Paint it a bright yellow color, and cut portholes in the sides so that your children can look out. You can also add designs to the outside and paint controls and pressure gauges inside.


Enjoy Submarine Day From Safeguard Self Storage 

Transforming your children's room into an underwater playground might mean getting rid of some things. Of course you don't want to throw everything out, so use long term storage to your advantage. Long term storage comes in handy when you lack space at home and want to hold on to things for the future. With a storage unit from Safeguard, your items will be safely out of the way until you need them again!

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