This New Year, Turn Your Extra Room into a Yoga Sanctuary

woman doing yoga

With the new year, it's only natural to start thinking about a clean slate and how you can make the next 12 months even better than the last. For many, the new year means getting in shape and improving their overall well-being. Make it your resolution to take up yoga. Although there are many studios from Little Havana to Palmetto Bay, FL, something closer to home may be an even better idea. Make space for your Zen and turn your spare room into a yoga studio. 

Transform Your Spare Room into a Yoga Studio

Having a yoga studio at home gives you the freedom to practice anytime you want. You’ll save money, without expensive fees for a trainer or using up gas driving through the Miami Design District. At home, you won’t feel intimidated by the yoga pros who can somehow balance on their elbows. With a bit of work, a pinch of motivation and some help from self-storage, you'll go from lounging on the couch to the warrior pose in no time.

1. Get rid of the clutter.

Yoga requires a lot of room to perform the variety of movements. You can't expect to go through the warrior poses when a dresser or a bed blocks your way. For a pure yoga space, you’ll need every inch of your spare room, which means moving almost everything out. For a temporary or permanent storage solution, move your belongings into one of our affordable storage units.

2. Decorate with intent.

Try not to make the space look too busy. The point of decluttering is to create a space in which you can move about without distractions. A few candles, soft lighting and maybe a muted color for the walls can help set the mood and inspire your meditative journey.

3. Gather your supplies.

Having a few yoga supplies can improve your performance. A yoga mat places you in a focused space and keeps you from sliding around. Invest in a yoga towel to wipe away the sweat, a yoga block to help you balance during difficult moves, and a meditation pillow to cushion your head during savasana, or corpse pose. You should also have water on hand to stay hydrated as you work your way through an entire session.

4. Begin your yoga journey.

After removing clutter from your yoga room and placing it in a storage unit, your supplies on hand, and the mood set, it's time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Keep in mind that you're making this your own space, a sort of retreat from the real world. So every time you enter your sanctuary, leave your problems behind and focus on improving yourself, your health and your overall well-being.

Start Your Yoga Journey With Safeguard Self Storage

Sticking to your New Year's resolution is never easy, but if you can, it will change your life for the better. If you're ready to turn your space into a yoga room, store your belongings with us. With convenient storage units available from the Miami Design District all the way to Palmetto Bay, FL, keeping your stuff out of the way has never been easier. 

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