10 Tips on How to Make the Grade This Semester

It seems like winter break only began yesterday, and now students must, again, focus on classes. For those attending Temple or other surrounding colleges in Philadelphia, PA, now's the time to start the new semester off right. Safeguard Self Storage wants to help students get off on the right foot this school season.

10 Ways to Getting Better Grades

1. Get Up, and Show Up

It's hard to get up after sleeping in during the break. The best way to learn the material and score better grades is to get up and go to class. If you can sacrifice your nightlife a few days a week, waking up early will be much easier.

2. Take It Head On

College is difficult. If you slack off, your grades will fall much quicker. Take charge, and put forth the effort – it will be worth it.

3. Know Your Limits

Overloading is never a good idea. Only take the hours you need. Otherwise, you might take on too much and get overwhelmed.

4. Research Correctly

Thank goodness for the internet. Learn some Google search tips to find what you’re looking for more efficiently. And skip out on the Wikipedia reference.

5. Invest In a Planner

With so much going on at college, it's easy to forget prior commitments or specific details of events. Get a calendar, and keep track of everything.

6. Choose Your Priorities

It's fun to hang out with friends, but if you have an important test the next day, skip the party. Figure out which parties you can go to and which you’ll have to give a rain check for.

7. Take Notes

Whether you work best on paper or on your computer, take notes to retain information. While writing notes is important, it’s not important to write down every word. Figure out how you learn best and only write down what you need to jog your memory. Class will be a lot less stressful, and you’ll actually remember more than you think.

8. Stay Positive

Having a positive attitude goes a long way. If you believe in yourself and your ability, you'll have the confidence to make better grades.

9. Use Your Textbook

Textbooks are dense with information and hard to read. But often, your professor chooses the textbook because it will actually help you grasp the concepts. Studying really does help.

10. Declutter your dorm.

A messy room causes distractions, and for many, causes environmental anxiety. Clean up your room and designate a specific place for studying. You’ll learn better in a fresh space.

Become the Best Student You Can Be

One of the best ways to start off the semester right is to organize your space. Consider moving your clutter to local storage units, where your items will be easily accessible. Our storage units in Philadelphia, PA come in a variety of sizes for packing away your clutter and helping to reduce your distractions this semester, so you can focus on getting your schoolwork done. 

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