Try Cold Water Fishing in Massapequa Cove

True anglers don't hang up their fishing poles when winter arrives in Massapequa, NY. In fact, they get going in full swing for some cold-weather trout and bass fishing. Every fall, the Freshwater Fisheries Division in Nassau County fills the waterways with 3,500 trout ranging from brown and brook to the rainbow variety. If you're into fishing and don't mind the cold, now's the time to stuff your tackle box with supplies and to head out for a day on the water. You can make your next fishing trip so easy to prepare for by placing all those necessary supplies in a nearby, convenient and accessible storage unit at Safeguard Self Storage.


Winter Fishing in Massapequa Cove

Massapequa Cove isn't just a place to go trout fishing. You’ll also find carp, largemouth bass and deep-hole fish such as stripers. The brackish water has several holes that reach 40 feet below the surface, where porgies, kingfish and blowfish swim. If you prefer to stay near the shoreline, you’ll still be able to reach flounder in depths ranging from six to 15 feet.

What Bait Should You Use?

If you're looking for trout, it's best to go with the traditional garden worm. You might get lucky using lures on newly released hatchery trout, but they're smart and will quickly figure out which food to eat and to avoid. Though you can find some trout in Massapequa Cove, you'll reel in your three-fish bag limit in the larger Massapequa Reservoir.

Flounder is easily attracted with clams on a hood and a live porgy will help you reel in a largemouth bass.

Best Places to Fish Around the Cove

For early morning fishers, the cove has countless docks that offer a great place to toss out a hook. You can usually find a nice spot along a dock to reel in quite a few fish. If you're familiar with the area, anywhere between Jones Creek and Fort Neck Point offers great fishing spots. Nassau County has numerous ponds and other waterways teeming with fish for anglers throughout the year.

Store Your Gear at Safeguard Self Storage

Fishing gear can take up quite a bit of space, especially for serious anglers. Create a fishing locker with one of the convenient storage units at Safeguard Self Storage in Massapequa, NY. Our storage units have enough room for everything from fishing poles to tackle boxes to keep you on the water when space at home is tight.



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