Give Your Family Space with Self Storage

family in living room with mom, dad, and daughter sitting on the couch and the son coloring on the floor

If your home could grow along with your family, it would already take up half the block. A house filled with fun and love can also fill up with too much stuff and leave everyone feeling fenced in. Here in Chicago, IL, storage units are your key to opening up extra space and reclaiming your home.

Figuring It Out

The whole family needs room to breathe. Still, you wouldn't slow down if you could. The kids keep growing and outgrowing their toys and clothes. Your hobby is an e-commerce hit, leading you to stock inventory under the kitchen table. Dresser drawers serve as file cabinets for important papers. The garage doubles as self storage for the softball team's equipment. In the middle of all this, the kids are ready for separate rooms. Oh yeah, and everyone wants to adopt a puppy. Your family needs space.

Making It Work

You're in good company here in Chicagoland. Families all across the city from North Side to Lincoln Park expand their living space with affordable neighborhood storage units. You can make it work for you too.

  • Secure important papers in a climate-controlled unit.
  • Store extra furniture, and free up floor space at home.
  • Save the kids' hand-me-down clothes and toys without cluttering closets.
  • Rescue the garage by parking sports equipment in your unit.
  • Hang seasonal decorations in storage for easy access year-round.

Enjoying the Benefits

If you haven't checked out the convenience of a storage unit lately, be prepared for pleasant surprises. Most facilities offer drive-up units, month-to-month leasing, and online account management. With extra storage, you’ll finally sort out stuff for garage sales and donations. The house will be easier to clean and the kids will have more room to play. Best of all, you have peace of mind knowing that your things are still nearby with 24/7 access.

Serving You with Room to Grow

How easy is it to reclaim space at the house? It's as easy as stopping by one of our Chicago, IL Safeguard Self Storage locations. We're at your service, with more than a dozen modern facilities across the area from Uptown to Des Plaines. When you store your things with us, your family always has room to grow. Find the facility that’s closest to you:

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