How a Storage Unit Can Help You With Your Photography Passion

You're proud to be the keeper of the archives. Every picture of family, friends, and favorite places deserves to last forever. Digital shots are fine, but your passion belongs to old-school photography. Yonkers, NY storage units belong in your plans to preserve those picture-perfect treasures.

Photographs Love Self Storage

Carefully developed and printed photographs can last more than 50 years in the right environment. Extend that life expectancy by storing them in a climate controlled unit. Humidity levels stay constant at around 50 percent, and temperatures stay photo-friendly between 65 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Your old-school process involves attention to detail. A storage unit preserves your hard work and keeps it off closet shelves at home. Secure storage is ideal for archiving your latest pictures and photos that date back generations.

They Don't Like Polyvinyl

If you know your plastics, you know the important role they play in long-term photograph storage. Polyvinyl sheets in albums contain adhesives that damage pictures. Avoid this material by storing photographs in sleeves and albums made with acid-free paper and PVC-free plastic. Use these tips to take extra care of your collection.

  • Don't store older, damaged photos with new ones.
  • Buy archive-grade supplies at a photography shop.
  • Separate boxed photos with sheets of acid-free paper.
  • Never write on the back of your photographs.
  • Keep analogue film stored in original canisters.

Equipment Appreciates Storage Too

Your devotion to traditional photography needs room to grow. Treat cameras and lenses to the usefulness of self storage. One small unit can easily hold your photo archives and equipment collection. Just follow these simple storage rules.

  • Remove batteries from cameras, flashes, and meters.
  • Always remove memory cards from digital cameras.
  • Carefully clean lenses, cap each end, and store upright.
  • Clean camera bodies with canned compressed air.
  • Place bubble wrap around small equipment before boxing.

Leave the Darkroom at Home

While storage is great for lots of photography things, it’s just not the place for a darkroom. Storage facilities prohibit storing chemicals on site. Leave your darkroom at the house in a well-ventilated area where you know you can work safely.

Keep Your Passion Close and Safe

When you keep pictures and equipment in secure self storage, your passion stays close and safe. Our Safeguard location in Yonkers, NY is just one of multiple facilities across the region. We're always around the corner with perfect spaces for preserving your treasures. Reserve a unit with us today!

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