Are You in the Military? Safeguard Can Help with Storage

From new base assignments to deployments overseas, you stay ready for the next move. Frequent relocations are just part of the job. That's why military storage in Elizabeth, NJ, is so important. Long-term self storage makes it all a little easier.

Storage Units Hold Everything

As an active member of the military, you know how to travel light. Still, getting ready to ship out shouldn't include getting rid of things. A clean, well-managed storage facility gives you plenty of options.

One 10x10 unit holds several rooms of furniture. A smaller space keeps personal belongings protected. From the car you just don't want to sell to important documents, it all fits in self storage.

You Have Room to Share

Think of military storage as a central location for family and friends, too. It's a better arrangement than asking them to keep your things in their homes. A 10x20 unit can hold the contents of an entire house. Use the space to store your belongings with extra room for sharing.

The Savings Add Up

Sometimes, a base change can put you in a tight position. When housing costs outweigh your finances, keep things manageable with self storage. It's an affordable alternative to living in a space that's bigger than your budget. Most facilities offer military discounts, too, and that adds to your overall savings.

It's Protective and Flexible

You keep your list of military storage must-haves short. You want your belongings to stay protected long-term. You want to know they're monitored. You need flexible options for the future. The best storage units offer it all, including:

  • Climate-controlled interiors that protect electronics, paper records, and personal treasures
  • High-tech security systems, such as digital video surveillance and computer-controlled access
  • Month-to-month or long-term leasing options that fit your needs
  • Online account management for making payments and updating contact information

You Deserve Peace of Mind

Leasing a unit gives you peace of mind while you're deployed. Share access codes with friends and family so that they can check on things while you're away. Your unit makes coming home easier, too. You always know your belongings are in good shape and ready to go when you return.

We're Proud to Do Our Part

Here at Safeguard, we're proud to do our part by offering quality self storage in Elizabeth, NJ. It's our honor to serve you while you serve our country. Each one of us salutes you, and we all thank you for your service.

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