Why You Should Keep Your Car in the Garage

Your car really prefers the garage. Too many bad things can happen when it's parked on the street. It's exposed to the weather, vandalism, and bird droppings—to name a few.

The garage is your best bet for car storage, but affordable storage units in Bridgeview, IL give you convenient alternatives. Giving your car a temporary home away from home just takes a little pre-planning.

Size Up Your Options

You might be headed out for an extended vacation. Perhaps you're in the military and need to store the car long-term. You may just want to get it off the street and into a safer spot.

Self storage offers options for every situation. If you want to leave the car in storage for a month or two, our Bridgeview facility features drive in storage units and outdoor parking.

Talk with our facility management team. Ask about their recommendations. They can also fill you in on details about title, registration, and insurance requirements.

Get Your Wheels Ready

The best storage units for cars provide a dependable area for parking. Make sure your wheels are in top shape and ready for self storage with these simple steps:

  • Wash and wax the car before putting it in storage. This prevents dirt and air pollutants from corroding the paint.
  • Fill the gas tank and add a fuel stabilizer. Both reduce the chance of moisture forming in lines.
  • Top off antifreeze, brake fluid, and change the oil. These steps should keep the car ready to hit the road.

Make Your Car Comfortable

To make your wheels comfortable for the short term or the long haul, make sure not to forget these steps:

  • Don't set the parking brake. Pads can fuse with rotors if they're in constant contact over time.
  • Prevent flat spots on tires by putting the car up on jack stands.
  • Use steel wool to keep pests out of the exhaust pipe and air intakes.
  • If you're storing the car in an outside space, protect it with a weatherproof cover.

It's Ready to Go When You Are

When car storage at home gets complicated, trust Safeguard in Bridgeview, IL to take good care of your wheels. Just leave the car with us. It'll be ready to go when you are.

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