How To Clean a Boat After Each Use in Salt Water

Beautiful weather brings boats out of driveways and New Orleans storage units all along our coastal shores. And, when you head out on the water for the day, you look forward to hours of fun, fishing, and cruising. When you are finally back at the docks, you are looking at a boat that needs cleaning. This guide on how to clean a boat after use in saltwater can help you stay organized as you get your boat ready for another stay in Safeguard’s Harvey, LA, self storage facility.

How Do You Clean a Boat After Salt Water Trips?

Always get your boat cleaned up as soon as you can. Otherwise, salt buildup can damage surfaces and corrode engine components. Follow these five steps every time you get back to shore:

1. Start With a Rinse

Thoroughly rinse the boat with fresh water from bow to stern. Additionally, rinse the engine and follow up with a product formulated for flushing saltwater from boat engines.

2. Clean in Sections

Using a good boat soap, clean your boat’s exterior in sections by working from top to bottom. Rinse well with fresh water. Prevent spots on gelcoat by removing excess water with a chamois or squeegee.

3. Detail Boat Interiors

Salt damages interiors, so give everything a good wipe down. Use a protective vinyl cleaner on seat cushions, plastic, and fiberglass. Polish windows and instrument panels with microfiber mitts.

4. Clean and Check Floors

Vacuum carpeted floors and scrub wood flooring with a stiff brush. Keep an eye out for tears in carpets or damage to flooring. Small problems can easily turn into expensive repairs.

5. Wax and Polish the Hull

Take care of this last step two or three times every season. Wax lays down a protective barrier on gelcoat and also makes it easier to clean the boat after each outing.

How Do You Clean a Boat After Salt Water Fishing?

Bringing home a fresh catch adds a few more steps to the cleaning process. Fill live wells with a mix of water, vinegar, and hydrogen peroxide. Run aerators for 30 minutes, drain the wells, and air dry.

How Do You Store a Boat After Cleaning?

Once your boat is clean and dry, keep your it in top shape with these self storage tips:

  • Add stabilizer to fuel tanks after draining and refilling.
  • Disconnect batteries, and clean terminals.
  • Prop hatches open to allow air circulation.
  • Prop up seat cushions to keep them fresh.

Our New Orleans Boat Storage Units Fit

Keep it clean, store it right, and your boat will pay you back with years of seaworthy service. We are happy to help with New Orleans boat storage units that fit your boat and budget. You can always depend on us here at Safeguard Self Storage in Harvey, LA, so don’t hesitate to give us a call today!

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