How to Renovate Your Living Space on a Budget

A recently renovated living room with new decor.

Thinking about sprucing up your living space? You’re not alone. As people spend more time at home—either through necessity or desire—there may come a point where you look at your surroundings and decide to make some changes. Whether your renovation dreams involve drastic shifts in color or a complete refresh of your decor or aesthetic, you should know that even the smallest of budgets can make a big impact.

Of course, your options may be fairly limited based on some factors; homeowners generally have more flexibility when it comes to home improvements than renters. If you’re looking to make sweeping changes to your home’s style without breaking your budget, these tips can help.

Three Cost-Effective Ways to Drastically Change a Living Space

Give your walls—or just one—a fresh coat of paint.

Hands down, the absolute biggest change you can make to a room is also one of the most affordable. Painting the walls (or ceiling) of a room can completely change the mood. Give your ceiling a fresh coat of white paint to really open up the space, or consider using a light color on the walls. Don’t want to completely break away from color? Choosing one focal wall as an accent wall and painting it a saturated color—like dark blue—can make a big visual impact.

Use window treatments, pillows, blankets, and art to add visual interest.

Not too keen on buying new furniture to reinvigorate your space? That’s okay, because you can still make adjustments with prints, fabrics, and textures. Hang new curtains that complement your choice of wall colors and add a couple of pillows to a sofa or chair. If you’re not in love with said sofa, you can always take measurements and purchase a slip cover to give it a facelift.

If the fresh coat of paint wasn’t enough for you, consider getting creative with art. Thanks to Etsy, there’s no shortage of accessible bespoke artwork that you can buy online and have shipped directly to you. Find something that reflects your taste and support small business at the same time!

Minimize furniture and get creative with storage.

Most people tend to look at adding furniture as a way to change the appearance of a room, but there’s a lot to be said for taking furniture away. Instead of buying bookcases, consider adding floating shelves to your living space. Given the convenience of smart TVs and streaming services, you can look at mounting your television on a wall and do away with the TV cabinet. Storage ottomans can provide both seating and a convenience space to stow items away when not in use.

Keep Items Out of the Way When Renovating with Safeguard Self Storage

If your renovation involves swapping out the furniture in your home for an aesthetic such as minimalism or cottagecore, you’ll need a convenient place to keep furniture and other belongings out of the way. At Safeguard Self Storage, we provide plenty of storage space. From small closet-sized spaces to whole-home storage units, our facilities offer clean, affordable storage with great amenities.

If you plan on becoming a home improvement weekend warrior or need extended storage space for your renovation, visit your nearest Safeguard facility today.

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