4 Reasons You Should Start Shopping for the Holidays Now

A woman holding gifts while holiday shopping.

The holidays will not sneak up on you this year like they have in years past. Being prepared makes the entire season so much more enjoyable. But how soon is too soon to start your holiday shopping? This year, we’re challenging you to ignore the calendar and take advantage of the benefits of starting the holiday season early.


Find out why shopping for holiday gifts sooner will support your budget and your plans of where to buy the gifts. We’ll help you discover how to save your sanity by shopping early and why it’s crucial to have plenty of space to wrap your gifts.


1. Budgets and Early Holiday Shopping Go Hand in Hand


The start of the holiday season used to kick off with Black Friday. Today, retailers online and in stores are offering price rollbacks earlier than ever. It's a budget-friendly trend that stretches your family’s hard-earned dollars.


By starting your holiday shopping now, you’ll probably find a little cushion in your gift budget. A few dollars saved here and there quickly adds up to extras in Christmas stockings or the ability to spoil one of your family members or friends.


Taking advantage of pre-holiday sales also heads off last-minute shopping snafus. Price hikes, long lines, and overnight sell-outs won’t ruin your best-laid gift-giving plans. Your wallet will love the savings, and you’ll have the satisfaction of checking things off that gift list.


2. Finding and Shipping Holiday Presents is Easier


The perfect gift might be out there, but a lot of retailers and shoppers this year will experience shipping and availability delays due to supply chain issues. Avoid the disappointment of being unable to deliver the gift your niece or nephew have been talking about for months by choosing to shop sooner. You’ll have plenty of time to have the gift shipped to you or decide on an alternative, and you don't have to wear out the sidewalks or your keyboard looking.


Early shopping online offers the luxury of generous shipping availability and delivery dates, too. The days of tracking your FedEx or UPS shipment on Christmas Eve will be no more. Not happy with that perfect gift? You'll still have time to arrange an exchange or refund. Pre-holiday purchases streamline the present-buying process better than Santa's elves.


3. Early Christmas Shopping Saves Your Sanity


Early holiday shopping liberates you from the traditional mad December dash. Before you sprint through a shopping mall, imagine relaxing the last few weeks before Christmas and saving your sanity with these cheerful ideas:


  • Spend more time with your family on Black Friday instead of fighting for deals and steals.
  • Hang holly, stuff stockings, and decorate the tree at your own pace.
  • Fine-tune holiday party plans for friends and family.
  • Binge-watch all your favorite Christmas shows and movies.
  • Turn some of that pre-holiday spare time into volunteer work with a favorite charity.
  • Bake some festive treats and pass them out to your neighbors.
  • Perfect your gift-wrapping skills.


4. You Have Space to Set Up Your Own Santa’s Workshop


Buying presents before the holidays lets you set up a very secret Santa workshop. We recommend utilizing a storage unit during this time of year to help keep gifts secret and to give you plenty of room to wrap those gifts. 


To get started, move a small table and chair into your self storage unit. Folding tables and chairs are inexpensive options that can fit easily into most cars for easy transportation. When you move your table and chair, don’t forget to bring a stash of tape, ribbon, wrapping paper, gift bags, tissue paper, name tags, and more. Now that you have plenty of space, you can wrap up the holidays at your leisure.


Utilizing secure self storage also keeps the Christmas gift stash out of sight. This means your home closets will remain uncluttered and ready for holiday guests. Plus, your curious kids will never be able to take an early peek at their gifts if you keep them stored in a storage unit.


If you don't already have a storage unit, it's a wise strategy for getting organized now and staying that way into the New Year. Plus, after the holidays, you’ll already have space rented to pack all your festive decor. 


Let Safeguard Help with the Extras


Save your sanity, your budget, and your gift-giving plans this season and start to shop for the holidays now! And when you need that additional space for storing gifts or decor, Safeguard has multiple locations just around the corner. We always have room for all the extras that come with celebrating the holidays. Find a storage unit near you in three easy steps and rent your unit today!

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