Prepare Your Home for Spring

Flowers are blooming, gray skies are clearing up, and spring is nearly here!

Whether you start your spring by planting a new garden, cleaning out every closet in your house, or cracking open your car windows for the first time in months, spring is the perfect time to also spruce up your home for a new season of life. 

How Should You Prepare Your Home for Spring?

The two main areas of focus for spring home decor are the inside and outside.

Preparing the Inside of Your House for Spring


The first step to preparing the interior of your home for spring is to take down any out-of-season decorations. As much as you love your Christmas tree, it’s time to make way for new seasonal plants for spring. Not sure what to do with all of your out-of-season decorations? Safeguard Self Storage can help. With dozens of convenient locations, your Christmas tree, Halloween spiders, and Valentine’s Day hearts can be safely stowed away until next time. The first question you might have when getting ready for a new season is when to decorate for spring. There’s no national holiday for spring decorating, but March is a great time to start! March 20, 2023, marked the first day of spring and could also mark the first day of decorating your house. Once you have a blank canvas to work with and time to start, take a moment to dream about your favorite parts of spring.


Do you love a certain type of flower? Is Easter the best part of the season. Do you enjoy gardening? or all the activities you’re able to do in nicer weather? Are birds chirping your favorite sound? Use that inspiration as a starting point for your decorations. Whether you’re a DIY go-getter or someone who prefers to shop for your home decor, there is a spring aesthetic out there for everyone. Start by browsing your local thrift store for unique decor or hitting up a local farmer’s market for fresh bouquets of flowers. Interesting spring table decor can be made by combining florals and greenery in a fun vase or finding a colorful tablecloth and new dishware. Carry those same themes from your dining room into your spring living room decor. Trade out art pieces for more colorful spring-themed paintings or photographs. Put a bouquet (fresh or fake) next to your TV. Don’t be afraid to stray toward bright colors or something outside of your comfort zone.

Preparing the Outside of Your House for Spring