Starting a Small Business from Home

If you're starting a new business, you can keep overhead low by working from home and using a self-storage unit for your business-related items. A Bronx, NY business storage unit or Lombard, IL business storage unit from Safeguard gives you extra space you might not have at home, without breaking the bank.

Starting a Home-Based Business

To start working from home, you need to create a dedicated space to conduct your business. Therefore, you may have to clean out a spare bedroom or make space in a living room for a desk and any office furniture and items you need.

1. Find a space.

Locate an area in your home that can serve as your work space. Clean out a cluttered bedroom, and store the items in a storage unit. If you don't have a spare room, select an area in a walk-in closet or in a corner somewhere with the least distractions.

2. Set up an office.

Create a simple office space with a desk, an ergonomic chair, a table lamp and a laptop. Place a floor filing unit next to the desk to store paperwork and to organize all your files. Keep things simple to prevent cluttering the space with unnecessary items.

3. Set your hours.

Treat your home business as you would any job. Set your hours of operation, and stick to your schedule. Set daily, weekly and monthly goals, and track each day to see how well you're progressing.

Get Extra Office Space with Self Storage

With a spare room and a self-storage unit, you can have an office and an inventory warehouse for your home-based business. A Bronx, NY business storage or Lombard, IL business storage unit offers plenty of space for merchandise, and you can always set up shelving for additional space and keep everything clean and organized. If you’re interested in creating extra space in your home or storing your business items, find a Safeguard Self Storage near you. 

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