Finding the Right Self Storage Facility for You

Safeguard Self Storage facility

A facility just down the road doesn’t automatically make it the best choice. A cheap leasing agreement doesn't guarantee value for your money. Location and cost are big factors when you're looking for storage units around Allapattah, Coconut Grove, or any other area in Miami, FL, but you also want something that fits your individual needs. Let us help with this guide to choosing the ideal storage facility.

Factor in Your Location

Here in the Miami metropolitan area, we take care of you with nine Safeguard Self Storage locations, and we're adding to your options with brand new facilities in Allapattah and Miami Shores. How do you choose the best storage site for you? Consider these factors:

  • Business storage works best between home and the office, making it accessible from either place.
  • If you're in sales, multiple units along regular routes save valuable time.
  • For residential storage, store for the shortest trips necessary.
  • Sharing a unit with friends or another business is easier with a central location.

Figure Out Preferred Features

The best storage facilities offer a wide range of features and unit sizes. Take into account what you want to store, when you want to store it, and what kind of access you expect.

  • Climate-controlled storage units work very well for business inventory.
  • Drive-up units make it easier to store big items like lawn equipment and furniture.
  • Many storage facilities allow extended access hours to units, backed up by advanced security systems.

Expect the Best Customer Service

You have many choices in self storage facilities, so expect the best customer service from on-site teams. When management shows a sincere interest in taking care of your storage needs, you know you're working with industry professionals.

  • The best storage pros answer your questions and don't mind explaining details.
  • Count on expert advice about specific unit types and sizes for your budget.
  • On-site teams make sure the facility stays clean from front offices to the back lot.
  • Management always answers phone calls and email with a quick response.

We recommend exploring your options online first. Narrow down your choices, visit several locations, and take a look at different units. You want a storage facility that's just right for you, and you deserve the best.

We're Always Ready to Help

We're proud of our reputation as a national storage company that seeks a local feel at all of its facilities. You're invited to drop by and meet our hardworking teams all across Miami, FL. Be sure to check out our new Allapattah and Miami Shores locations too. Here at Safeguard Self Storage, we're always at your service, and we're always ready to help.

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