Storage Tips for Realtors to Help with Every Stage of Selling

You work hard for your clients. They appreciate your expertise, but you have to keep up with so much. Between staging a home, holding on to records and dealing with signage, you need your own professional space. As a real estate agent, you need business storage here in Coconut Creek, FL

Self Storage Works for the Client 

It's not easy to sell a home filled with years of clutter. It's also not easy to find room in the client's house for putting it all away. Personal items mean a lot to homeowners, so offer them peace of mind. 

When they know their belongings are headed for a convenient storage unit, sellers can relax. With your help, they can declutter closets and cabinets, clear crowded hallways, and even straighten up the garage. You can start staging the house and turning it into a property that's sure to attract solid offers. 

Business Storage Works for You

Consider all of the financial documents and transaction records you have to keep for at least five years. The paperwork quickly stacks up, so box it up for storage in a climate-controlled unit. Depending on your unit's size, you can even set up file cabinets for quickly locating and retrieving important records. 

The bulkiest tools of your trade are all of the different real estate signs. With business self storage, you have room to spare for everything. On-site carts and dollies make it a snap to move heavy signage in and out. 

  • Stack bulky For Sale signs in the unit.
  • Keep riders and directional signage handy.
  • Easily store banners, brochure boxes, and lockboxes.

Storage Units Let You Expand 

When you have plenty of room to work, you have room to expand sales. Do you keep a small collection of staging decor for properties that look a little bare? Stash it in your unit for easy access. Are you interested in leasing a larger space as business grows? Share the cost of a bigger unit with other agents. You're even covered in terms of location with multiple convenient self storage sites across South Florida. 

We Make It All Easier 

We partner with area real estate agents just like you every day. It's our job to make your job easier with smart business storage solutions and a wide range of storage units. Just stop by our Coconut Creek, FL Safeguard facility or any of our other locations in greater Miami.

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