Where to Store Your E-Commerce Business' Overload of Inventory

Your online business rocks – until you realize it's taking over the house. E-commerce success depends on room to grow, but your sanity depends on a home that isn't overrun with inventory. You need space to expand. It's time to offload your inventory overload into nearby storage units here in East Rockaway, NY. 

The House Doesn't Work 

In the beginning, you stashed everything in spare closets. Now, you're running out of room in the garage. You have to ensure the quality of everything you sell and keep your inventory secure. 

Self storage gives you a blank canvas for building an organizational system. No matter how large your inventory grows, you can streamline purchasing, receiving, and shipping through your unit. 

Storage Facilities Do Work 

The best storage units offer a variety of services for e-commerce tenants. Arrange to have stock delivered directly to your unit. Buy packing and shipping supplies on-site, and turn the space into your company's fulfillment center. 

Storage facilities work because they give you 24/7 access to processing inventory. Dollies and push carts are always available for moving big loads, and you can even lease drive-up units. 

Self Storage Stays Flexible 

Space in a storage facility isn't limited to one unit. You can upsize as your business grows with additional units, and you can downsize if things slow down. If you need to adjust inventory for seasonal sales, month-to-month leasing makes it easy to change unit sizes. 

Flexible room to grow expands stocking and selling capabilities. Imagine running multiple online businesses backed with inventory organized in several units. Affordable storage facilities turn that daydream into an e-commerce reality. 

Go with Amenities 

Warehouse storage space is expensive and hard to find. Safeguard Self Storage facilities are located all across the area and offer amenities that make handling business inventory much easier:

  • Wide hallways and extra-large elevators
  • Climate-controlled units
  • Facility-wide security systems
  • Computer-controlled access
  • Individual unit door alarms
  • Online account management
  • On-site storage specialists

We're Here and Ready to Help 

We congratulate you on conquering your corner of the e-commerce universe. You can count on our support with affordable storage units sized to fit your growing business inventory. Our Safeguard teams in East Rockaway, NY and all across the state are ready to help you find the space you need to build e-commerce success.

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