Backyard Design Ideas for the Best Summer Yet

A backyard patio dining set at night, surrounded by string lights, lanterns, and potted flowers.


You're tired of Zoom meetings. You're ready for real face time with family and friends. Backyard organization and upgrades can help make it happen. Say goodbye to being cooped up and hello to a personal summer oasis with these great backyard design ideas from Safeguard Self Storage.

Brighten Up Your Outdoor Space

Let new walkways inspire your makeover plans. New pathways help organize and define outdoor space. Give outdoor space a sense of direction by laying down roll-out pathways. Hardwood plank walkways are portable, affordable, and keep feet dry on rainy days.


Fresh colors and fragrances also work magic on large and small backyards. Plant a garden bed dedicated to perennials. Choose beautiful flowers with dramatic good looks, like lilies of the valley and bleeding hearts. Graceful lavender is a fragrant choice for completing the floral atmosphere.


Building a trellis is another simple small backyard idea. Get crafty with an old headboard or fishing net stashed in your storage unit. Set a vertical backyard stage for sweet honeysuckle, Boston ivy, or purple passionflower.

Decorate a Perfect Summer Patio

Backyard organization turns tired, cluttered spaces into lively gathering spots. Make room for these easy summer patio decoration ideas by moving old patio stuff to self storage.


Use an inviting porch swing to expand patio seating options. Hammocks make comfy guest accommodations too. Give the kids fun chair options with single-seat swings suspended around patio edges.


Finally, for some added privacy and a bit of flare, hang up sheer curtains. Lightweight materials make this project a breeze, and even simple tiebacks give you control over soft translucent walls. Patio sheers hold back hot summer sun, too.


Keep Your Patio Bright and Cozy


Enjoy spending time outdoors after the sun sets? Illuminate backyard entertainment by stringing globe lights over the patio. Mini lanterns and fairy string lights are also sparkling choices. Don't forget extra Christmas lights in your storage unit.


In addition to keeping your patio bright, make things comfortable with decorative outdoor rugs underfoot. The fade-resistant throws combine style and function with beautiful patterns and weather-resistant materials in patio-friendly shapes and sizes.

Design an Entertainment Destination

Turn your outdoors into a backyard entertainment destination with fun backyard ideas. In addition to being a grill master, become known for your outdoor oasis by creating a venue that keeps everyone happy even after the burgers are gone.


For after-hour hangouts, keep summer nights bright with a fire table. The evening glow of these modern campfires always warms up conversations. They're also perfect for roasting hot dogs and toasting s'mores.

Additionally, you can turn your backyard into a movie theater. Mount a white sheet on wooden dowels, or drape it down an exterior wall. Connect your favorite streaming device to a projector and speakers.

Achieve Your Backyard Design Goals with Safeguard


It's fun to upgrade your great outdoors, but it takes some organizing skills, too. When you want to make room for your best backyard design ideas, let us help. Safeguard Self Storage has room to spare in a wide range of storage unit sizes, and we're always open year-round.


Whether you’re sprucing up your sprawling yard in Larchmont, NY, or making the most of your square foot garden in Chicago’s South Loop, you can find the space you need at Safeguard Self Storage. Visit one of our facilities in New York, New Jersey, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Florida, or Illinois today!

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