Explore the Deep Sea with These Submarine Crafts

A nautical themed children's room, with porthole decorations, life preservers, etc.

The Mississippi River, Lake Salvador and the Gulf of Mexico – Harvey, LA is surrounded by water everywhere. From the rivers to the sea, each body of water has a ton of aquatic life for your family to discover. On March 18, Safeguard Self Storage is celebrating Submarine Day by sharing awesome ways to learn about underwater exploration – including tips for turning your child’s room into an oasis under the sea.


Learning more about Underwater Life

Downtown Harvey, LA sits seven miles from the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas in New Orleans. Whether it's stingrays, seahorses or sharks, you can see all types of aquatic life, as well as animals like the otter that love both water and land. During your visit, make sure to take the kids to the Penguin Pass, which takes them backstage for a chance to meet the penguins up close.

On March 18, celebrate Submarine Day with a trip to the aquarium. Your kids will see and learn about different kinds of fish and watch them up close as they swim in the tank. You can also use this experience to come up with some really cool underwater ideas for a DIY room decorating project.

Creating an Underwater Room for Kids

With a little imagination and a few items, you'll transform your kid’s room into an underwater world. For the lighting, replace the standard bulbs in the lamps with light and dark blue bulbs. Using a textured lamp shade will help to cast a water pattern on the walls, and the blue light will add to the effect.


If you’re artistically inclined, a few painted fish and coral will add the perfect touch to your sea faring adventure. For those whose talents lie elsewhere, vinyl wall art is a great option for semi-permanent decorations.

A large cardboard box makes the perfect submarine for kids, but you'll have to alter it a little bit. Paint it a bright yellow color, and cut portholes in the sides so that your children can look out. You can also add designs to the outside and paint controls and pressure gauges inside.


Enjoy Submarine Day From Safeguard Self Storage 

Transforming your children's room into an underwater playground might mean getting rid of some things. Of course you don't want to throw everything out, so use long term storage to your advantage. Long term storage comes in handy when you lack space at home and want to hold on to things for the future. With a storage unit from Safeguard, your items will be safely out of the way until you need them again!

Toss Tradition Aside and Propose on St. Patrick's Day

A man covering a woman's eyees before he reveals an engagement ring to her.

When most Chicagoans think of March, they think of one giant celebration: St. Patrick's Day. With all the festivities going on, it's easy to forget that Proposal Day also happens this month. If you missed your chance on Valentine's Day, toss tradition out the window, and propose to your significant other on St. Patrick's Day instead. If you're short on ideas, Safeguard Self Storage has a few tips for popping the question on this lucky day in Chicago.

5 Ways to Propose on St. Patrick's Day

1. A Romantic Walk Along the Chicago River

On March 12, the annual Dyeing of the Chicago River takes place. For five hours, the entire river will glow a beautiful emerald green color, giving you the perfect chance to pop the question with thousands of onlookers eagerly awaiting the answer.

2. A Clover Charm to Symbolize Good Fortune 

Nothing symbolizes luck quite like the four-leaf clover. Skip buying a four-leaf clover charm online. Instead, hit up the local parks, and search for one or two yourself. Making the charm by hand will have more meaning and provide you with a little extra luck when it's time to ask the big question.

3. A Scavenger Hunt in Lincoln Park

Create an adventure out of the occasion with a real-life scavenger hunt. You can write down all the clues and place them separately in plastic green eggs. Start the hunt with one clue, and have your significant other continue the search until the big reveal.

4. A Sweet Message Spelled Out on Guinness Beer Glasses 

Not everyone likes sappy, romantic-type stuff. For the person who enjoys a good beer and fun times, pop the question at the pub. Invite a few friends along for the occasion, and have a round of Guinness served in four special glasses that spell out the question: "Will You Marry Me?"

5. A Moment Alone After the Parade

Quite a few parades take place during March, but the main parade happens from noon until 8 p.m. on the 17th. After some dancing, drinking and celebration, sneak off for a romantic moment, and pop the question under the stars.

Safeguard Self Storage Wishes You Luck on St. Patrick's Day

After your significant other says "yes," you'll need to make plans for the future. When it's time to move in together and take the next step, we have storage bins available in many different sizes to clear up space back at home. Whether you need a large storage unit or a couple small storage lockers, our exceptional team of self storage experts make moving in together easier by ensuring you get the perfect storage unit. A storage space equipped with computer controlled access, individually door alarm, digital video recording, drive in loading area and our vast selection of packing and storage supplies will protect your belongings until you get settled in.


5 Things to do with Your Leap Day in Chicago

Some people complain about not having enough days in the week to do what they want. Here's some good news for you all: It's a leap year, which gives you exactly one more day in February to get out and explore your Chicago surroundings, or even stay in and catch up on all of your chores or activities. There are so many ways we can take advantage of this day in Chicago, such as heading out to the orchid show at the Chicago Botanic Garden. Whatever you like to do, it’s a great feeling knowing you have one more day this year to make the most of it! Safeguard Self Storage is sharing a few ideas to get you started.

5 Things to Do on Leap Day

1. Attend the Pedway Brunch Tour.

It might still be winter in Chicago, but the Pedway has heat and plenty of stories waiting for you. The tour starts with breakfast at the Hyatt Regency, followed by a walking tour and brunch at the American Craft Kitchen. If you're worried about calories, you'll burn them off on your walks along the Pedway.

2. Check out the orchid exhibition.

The orchid show takes place from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and features more than 10,000 orchids. Bring a camera for some fantastic shots, and chill out indoors where it's warm and filled with fragrant blooms. 

3. Get started on spring-cleaning.

Why wait until March or April when you can knock out your spring-cleaning chores on the last day in February. If you're running out of household storage space, now's the perfect time to gather up unused items and donate them to charity. You can even use self storage as a way to make space in an old bedroom and convert it into an office or a study.

4. Veg out for the day.

Go ahead and chill out for the day; you deserve it after all the work you do. Take this extra day to binge-watch shows on Netflix or to lounge on the couch. You can also do both of those things and knock out two birds with one stone.

5. Visit the Shedd Aquarium.

Chicago, IL is packed full of history and science museums, including nature centers like the Shedd Aquarium. Head over to this warm, indoor public aquarium for an afternoon. It has 32,000 different animals on display and various exhibitions to enjoy on your extra day.

Make the Most of Your Leap Day Opportunities

Whether you're looking to visit a nearby attraction or stay in and tackle your lack of household storage, leap day gives you the time to make it all happen. If you decide to spring-clean, use Safeguard Self Storage to store your belongings and make a fresh start for the rest of the year!

Become a Master Fisher in Jefferson Parish Waters

A man fishing on a lake while standing in a boat.

If you live in Marrero, LA, you’re already familiar with two things: the beautiful scenery and the great fishing. Some of the best fishing spots in the country sit within this area, such as Grand Isle and Lafitte, two places with abundant waterways and plenty of fish. Despite this, you may not yet have become that master fisher you so wish you were. Safeguard can help with this! If you have extra storage space in your tackle box, you'll need to fill it to the top before you set out on your adventure to southern Louisiana. 

Don't Forget the Essentials 

When it comes to your tackle box, you'll want to stock it with all the necessities. You should also have a tackle box that has numerous storage compartments for holding all of your tools, extra line and gear. If you fish using minnows, a small tackle box should do fine as long as it has enough storage space for:

  • Bobbers
  • Hooks
  • Sinkers
  • Fishing line

If you want to have everything on hand, from multi-tools to jigging spoons, a larger tackle box with at least 24 compartments should do. Look for a tackle box that also has an extra storage compartment for carrying bulky items like reels and stringers.

Tips for Reeling in the Prize

Crappie, redfish and speckled trout are your prized targets this time of year. However, you can't just go in hoping to cast out at the right spots. You'll need a few tips to keep in mind once you head out on the water.

  • Crappie: If you're fishing without a bobber, pay close attention to the line. Crappie hit the bait very lightly, so you might not even know you have one on the hook. You should also fish along the visible shoreline to find their beds. When setting the hook, gently flick your wrist; otherwise, the hook may tear free from its mouth.
  • Redfish: Follow the tide when looking for these fish. It's best to stay within the shallow water, but move very slowly to keep them from swimming away. You might also have better luck using spoon flies as they attract the fish without much effort.
  • Speckled Trout: Pay attention to the gulls overhead and on the water. They usually fly or sit right above the fish. Move within casting range of the birds, and throw your line in – you may get lucky on the first cast.

A Fishing Trip in Marrero, LA 

Now that you know what you’re doing, odds are you’re going to need even more room for gear. With Safeguard storage units, you have a dedicated spot to keep everything before and after each fishing trip. Safeguard storage units in Marrero, LA come with air-conditioning and heating, computer controlled access and 24-hour video recording, designed to keep your gear safe no matter the weather or the time of day.  And with drive-up units available, you can even store your boat! 

How Brooklyn Businesses Can Capitalize on NYC Restaurant Week

Those who avoid going out into the cold or resolved to spend less money this year find new reason to get out to try fine cuisine throughout Brooklyn, NY. That’s thanks to New York Restaurant Week, the semiannual event that takes place January 18 to February 5. It features numerous restaurants offering fine cuisine at an affordable price. But it’s not just customers and restaurants that benefit. Safeguard storage units is sharing how business owners in Brooklyn, NY, can capitalize on this exciting event. 

Create Your Own Business Buzz During Restaurant Week 

While some business owners sit back and watch people walking by their storefront and heading to the nearest restaurant, you can view them all as potential customers. By targeting restaurant goers during this week, you'll not only increase your customer base but spread your brand to different areas beyond Brooklyn NY. 

1. Announce a major sale.

Nothing grabs consumer interest quite like a sale. However, you don't have to spend a lot of money on TV ads. You only need to create some fliers to hand out and place by your store. Prep them ahead of time and keep them in business storage till it’s time to hand them out. With all the additional eyes that will read your advertisement, it’s money well spent!

2. Team up with a participating restaurant.

You can always team up with a participating restaurant to bring in more customers for both businesses. For example, your business could offer a percentage off a meal if a customer spends a certain amount at your store. The restaurant could also offer a coupon to your store if the customer buys a particular meal at a set price. By working together, you increase sales at both establishments.

3. Offer freebies for those walking by.

People love getting free stuff whether it's a new key chain or a straw cup with a cool printed logo – and this is especially the case for tourists in the area. Look in your storage units for items that could be given away during Restaurant Week. You may have some older items that are simply taking up space and could be used as an incentive to shop at your store. 

Restaurant Week Isn't Just for Restaurants

You don't have to own a restaurant to reap the rewards of Restaurant Week. Simply create posters and fliers ahead of time, and store them away until you need them. With Safeguard Self Storage, you can store your sales ads and products in convenient storage units until later use. We have business storage available with as much space as you need to keep all of your items ready to go. 

Seasonal Clothing Storage: Storing Winter Clothes

A stack of folded winter sweaters.


Just because you love the sun here in Magic City doesn't mean you don't have a wonderful winter wardrobe. Still, those warm threads crowd closets and drawers, so make a summer resolution this year. Promise to pamper your winter clothes with Safeguard Self Storage, and pledge to keep your Miami, FL home organized year-round.

Keep ‘em Clean

Before storing, it’s important to run all your clothes through the wash. That hot chocolate stain from cooler days will only get darker and harder to get out. Remove stains now and make your job a lot easier in the future.

Stack Your Sweaters

Nobody wants four shoulders, but if you hang your clothes during the winter months that’s exactly what you’ll get. Sweaters fall victim to hanger shoulders because they tend to be a little bit heavier than other garments. A good organizational tactic is to loosely stack your sweaters, keeping the heaviest on the bottom.  

If You’ve Gotta Hang It…

But what about the clothes that you have to hang? In this case, try to avoid plastic hanging bags. Although they may seem the most secure, they actually tend to hold in moisture and do not get enough air circulation. A more beneficial alternative would be wrapping your hanging clothes in a breathable fabric.

Swing By

It’s a good idea to keep tabs on your stored clothing. This way, you get the opportunity to switch out what you aren’t using in your home, and take what you need from storage.  Do not abandon your storage unit, but use it to your advantage.

It's great to liberate closet space and organize drawers, but always leave one warm sweater at home for an occasional cool Dade County evening. Whether you're stashing winter coats or a sail boat, your options at
Safeguard Self Storage in Miami, FL range from storage lockers to drive-up units. Be prepared to fall in love with affordable self storage, and make it a permanent part of seasonal organizing traditions all year long.

Storing Electronics: What You Need to Know to Keep Electronics Safe

A person holding up a electircal plug-in cord.

A fast pony over at Empire City Race Track can be a sure bet, but you don't want to gamble when it's time to store expensive electronic gear. Computers, televisions and audio equipment need special prep before you move them into self storage. Whether you're relocating, downsizing or just clearing space at home, make sure your best gadgets are ready for household storage in a climate controlled Yonkers, NY facility.

Be Careful with Computers

Laptops, towers and even tablets come with cables, chargers and internal batteries. It's important to disconnect everything before you start packing up, so keep it all straight with small, color-coded stickers. Be sure to remove batteries because they can leak and cause serious damage. Wipe down components with an anti-static microfiber cloth, and double-check drives for overlooked discs. Secure computers in sturdy boxes filled with packing material, tape lids shut to keep out dust, and bundle monitors in bubble wrap.

Fine-Tune Television Prep

Treat your TV to the same careful wipe down that you used on your computers. Climate controlled household storage units are clean environments, but any dust that moves in with your television can creep into its circuits. A flat screen is especially susceptible to scratching, so make sure it's dust-free before covering it with bubble wrap. In a perfect storage world, you'd have the original box for packing, but many facilities sell inexpensive containers designed for modern flat screens; you can also buy special dust covers.

Pamper Audio Equipment

Boom boxes, amps, speakers and headphones need the same climate controlled self storage as all your other electronic gear, and they need the same thorough dusting before you stash them away. When you move audio equipment, wiring and cables put stress on sockets. Disconnect everything, and then clean out socket areas with a compressed air duster. Pack small components in boxes with sealable lids, but don't wrap anything in plastic. Electronics need to breathe, so drape large items with soft sheets, or zip them up in mattress bags.

It doesn't matter if you bought those gadgets from a pricey store in Getty Square or a discount outlet at the mall. Electronic equipment represents an investment that deserves climate controlled self storage and the security of a Yonkers, NY Safeguard Self Storage facility. Treat your gear with care before the move, and you can count on it firing up when you're ready to turn on, tune in and listen up.

How to Store Musical Instruments

A bright orange guitar resting against a black drumset.

If you ask a professional musician here in New Orleans about the importance of personal storage, don't expect him to talk about stashing furniture. Instead, he'll sing the praises of space that keeps the tools of his trade safe when he's not jazzing up the crowds on Bourbon Street. He'll also explain how important it is to properly prep musical instruments for long-term storage in New Orleans.

Baby Your Brass

Every band needs plenty of brass, so keep your horns ready to blow with climate-controlled care in a storage unit rental. Prep each one by taking out the slides, emptying the water and giving the slide legs a good cleaning. It's important to use heavy oil on the valves, casings and bearings because it's less likely to evaporate while your horn stays in storage. A few drops of bearing oil work best in the lead pipe. Snake it clean, and add a few more drops. Grease and replace the slides, and your brass is ready to be stashed.

Store Strings Carefully

Guitars, violins and violas are sensitive to the humidity and temperature extremes in New Orleans, but they stay safe in climate-controlled self storage. Get your instrument ready by detuning the strings down several notes to relax tension on the neck. Clean the body and tuning mechanisms with a dry cloth, and use wax or oil on the fretboard. Be sure to use a polish specially formulated for stringed instruments. Store your strings in a heavy case along with a silica pouch, and slip several plastic bags over the case.

Be Diligent with Drums

Whether you march to the beat of a snare or multi-toms, those skins need the same climate-controlled environment as strings and horns. If you're putting away a full set, personal storage options give you room to spare. Inspect each drum carefully, and disassemble for a thorough cleaning. Wipe everything down with a soft cloth inside and outside the shell and hardware. Reduce tension on the bottom and top heads by half, but make sure they stay tight enough to secure the tension rods. Don’t forget to store your reassembled set off the floor on wood pallets.

From Preservation Hall to Jazz Park, the sounds stay sweet when brass, strings and drums stay in tune. Whether you're new on the scene or a seasoned pro, let
Safeguard storage unit rental back up your New Orleans lineup. And no worries, you won't have to live on red beans and rice to treat your favorite musical instruments to affordable self storage.

New Building in Miami

Exterior of the Safeguard Self Storage facilty in Miami, FL, on Palmetto Expressway.Exterior of the Palmetto Expresway Safeguard Self Storage's covered loading area and parking lot.

We are excited to announce a new addition to one of our Miami, FL storage facilities. To better accommodate your storage demands, our Palmetto Expressway Store in Miami, FL is opening a new building with an additional 192 units. These new storage units are equipped with the features our customers asked for such as drive-up accessibility which makes these units incredibly convenient. Customers can drive their vehicle straight up to the unit door to unload their belongings directly into the unit. No hauling stuff over long distances! Plus, the 10-foot high ceilings make these units great for storing oversized items and vehicles and boats. Boating is a major activity in Miami and finding reliable Miami, FL self storage is important for many boat owners. While these units are non-climate controlled, they still offer the same stringent security controls as the rest of the Palmetto Expressway storage facility. Our units are equipped with computer controlled access, unit door alarms and digital video recording for our customer’s peace of mind. When looking for reliable Miami, FL self storage, consider the new storage units at Safeguard’s Palmetto Expressway store. Call 786-587-1947 to reserve your space in our brand new storage building. 

Tips for Combining Households – The First Thing You Should Put Into Storage Is Some Thought!


man and woman smiling while holding cardboard boxes

If you and your sweetheart have finally decided to move in together and share in the spoils of life, you'll likely have to make some hard decisions on your belongings. In many cases, guys will be determined to keep their action figures and sports memorabilia. Women will be just as intent on keeping their beloved shoe collection intact. Here are some tips for combining households without bringing on an argument.

Rent a Bronx Storage Unit

A quality Bronx storage unit offers neutral ground. If you are both looking to keep a variety of items that you have no immediate use for,
Safeguard Self Storage is a great option. Our storage units can accommodate bicycles, power tools, gardening tools, books, furniture, clothes, collectables and a wide array of other objects. Because these units are also kept at comfortable temperatures, your most delicate belongings will remain in pristine condition.

Compromise on Furniture Pieces and Wall Ornaments

Before you decide which possessions should be sent to the
Bronx, NY household storage unit, you should settle on a personal style for your home. Couches, chairs, coffee tables and kitchen appliances should be given careful thought. You should likewise decide on the kinds of wall ornaments you would like to show off to guests. While framed photographs will be fine, you'll need to have a more pointed discussion about glow-in-the-dark clocks, gag gifts and anything that could be deemed risqué.

Set a Policy on Pets

Finally, decide how your pets will be treated. If you have a dog and your significant other has a cat, make sure they have time to acclimate to their new surroundings. You'll want to be sure all household animals are capable of getting along before you leave them alone for an extended period of time.

While moving in together is a thrilling decision, it should nevertheless be properly planned out. With a reputable Bronx, NY household storage unit and some common sense, you can count on a life of romance and bliss.
Contact Safeguard Self Storage today to find out more about our two Bronx, NY self storage locations, unit availability, rates and current specials!