Lilacia Park After Lilac Time

by Admin 1. June 2017 13:00
Wake up and smell the lilacs at Lombard, IL’s Lilacia Park. Whether a visitor or gardener, Safeguard tells how you can make the most of your experience. [More]

Don't Hold Your Horses, It's Opening Day

by Admin 4. May 2017 16:33
It’s officially horse race season in Arlington Heights. Use self storage to keep your own tack and gear neatly tucked away. [More]

Safeguard in Addison Has the Military Storage Service Members Need

by Safeguard 26. January 2017 10:00
Self-storage units help members of the military with frequent relocations or deployments by keeping your items safe and out of the way. [More]

Military Storage in Illinois

by Safeguard 22. May 2015 09:35
Military members and their families can find themselves moving at a moment’s notice. Check out how self storage offers solutions to a military move. [More]

Small Business Storage for Home Entrepreneurs

by Safeguard 14. April 2015 11:00
Are you running a small business from your home? Get organized with the help of Addison storage unit rental! [More]

Hosting a Book Drive with Self Storage

by Safeguard 12. March 2015 13:30
If you're looking for a way to honor Read Across America Day that happened in the beginning of March, you should consider hosting a book drive. Whether you'd like to collect books for a specific organ... [More]

Furniture Storage 101

by Safeguard 23. February 2015 11:59
Whether you are transitioning to a new home or need to get rid of some of your current furniture to make room for new pieces, keeping your furniture properly stored is an important step in maintaining the condition of these pieces. [More]

Safeguard Self Storage for Pharmaceutical Reps

by Safeguard 9. September 2014 12:32
. Safeguard’s Chicago storage units offer pharmaceutical reps an option for keeping their samples and equipment close at hand without letting these products take over their lives. [More]

Here We Grow Again: Safeguard Expands in Chicago

by Safeguard 2. July 2014 10:34
Safeguard Self Storage purchased land for a new storage facility in the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago. [More]

Why We Love Illinois (Despite the Winter Weather)

by Safeguard 10. February 2014 13:38
Safeguard Self Storage loves Illinois despite the currently trying temperatures. Let us count the ways: [More]
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