5 Ways to Turn Your Home Office Into an Oasis

If you're trying to figure out how to organize your home office, you're in good company. More and more, we're transitioning away from traditional work environments. It's time to turn your home workspace into a productive oasis. Nearby self storage units in Tamarac, Florida, and these five tips make it happen.

How to Organize Your Home Office: 5 Simple Steps
1. Zone the Room to Fit You

Size up how you can work best in your home office. The computer already has a designated desk, so assign different zones for other tasks. For example, clear a table for processing paperwork. Give yourself a separate station for making calls and taking notes. Carve out a corner for relaxing when you need a break.

2. Organize, Digitize, and Toss

Up workday productivity by decluttering the office one new zone at a time. Set up a box and label system to sort out what stays and what goes. Keep your space clear of clutter with these simple strategies.

  • Digitize as much paper as possible.
  • Throw away outdated gadgets and manuals.
  • Get rid of mystery cords and cables.
  • Turn decluttering into a monthly routine.

3. Think Outside the Office

Don't crowd your new oasis with things you don't use often. Climate-controlled storage units in Tamarac hold office overflow, including extra electronics and must-keep historical documents. It's a secure, affordable alternative to a cramped workspace, and you can rent and manage your Safeguard Self Storage account online.

4. Craft a Comfy Chair

If your home office budget doesn't cover an ergonomic chair, craft your own. Set a plush cushion on that old office chair seat. Install a lumbar pillow by attaching a sturdy cushion to the chair's back with bungee cords. Slip a pillowcase over the new backrest or drape the entire chair in a soft sheet.

5. Create a Soothing Atmosphere

Every workday can get hectic, but it's easier to handle when you have the right office atmosphere. Freshen the air with a relaxing fragrance from a diffuser. Open the blinds and fill the room with natural light.

Top off file cabinets with favorite houseplants. Aloe, bamboo, and philodendron are great choices because they're easy to keep. Spider plants and English ivy make beautiful hanging baskets. When you need to take a hard-earned break, enjoy being immersed in a soothing office atmosphere.

Keep It Under Control With Self Storage in Tamarac, FL

You deserve all the perks that come with working at home. A well-organized office always makes it easier to conquer a busy schedule, so make sure clutter doesn't creep back into your workspace. Let the new Safeguard Self Storage in Tamarac, FL, help keep your home office oasis under control.

Celebrating the Holidays in New Orleans

If you're wondering what to do in New Orleans in December, the Erato Street locals at Safeguard Self Storage are here to help. During this holiday season, the city will light up with wonderful outdoor and virtual celebrations—meaning you can enjoy the festivities, stay safe, and take care of your gift list at the same time. With these six events at the top of your holiday must-do list in New Orleans, you won’t have to search for what to do in December during these unusual times. 

What to Do in New Orleans in December: 6 Sensational Ideas

1. Take In the Holiday Lights

The French Quarter turns on its best this time of year. Take a cruise up and down famous Royal and Chartres Streets, or view the bright displays at Jackson Square from a distance. Additionally, Celebration in the Oaks is one of the most spectacular drive-thru holiday lights festivals in the country, as it features hundreds of thousands of twinkling lights and fun displays across 2.25 miles.

2. Shop Until You Drop

Local businesses on Magazine Street offer 6 miles of holiday window shopping and unique present ideas. Additionally, French Quarter Festivals, Inc. (FQFI) and New Orleans & Company have launched a new online holiday shopping guide that features loads of local retailers—including stores from the iconic French Market District. Make those perfect purchases via pick up, delivery, or online shopping and tuck your gift stash in nearby New Orleans storage units on Erato Street.

3. Cheer on a Drive-Thru Holiday Parade

Catch a seasonal Big Easy souvenir toss and cheer on some of the city's best marching bands all from the comfort of your car. Drive-thru Jingle on the Boulevard has everything you could ask for in a holiday parade, including guest celebrities, fun floats, and more.

4. Bask in City Park Lights

Visiting City Park is a relaxing way to wind down your outdoor fun in New Orleans. Take a walk through the 25-acre park and marvel at the magic of live oaks decked out in holiday lights. Socially distance as you enjoy a Big Easy tradition that's more than 30 years old.

5. Keep the Kids Entertained Online

Looking for fun, educational holiday experiences for the whole family? The NOLA ChristmasFest provides online activities like Christmas crafts, holiday baking and decorating, holiday dance classes, nightly book reading, and more—all from the comfort of your home!

6. Get Festive with Virtual Holiday Concerts

Holiday concerts in New Orleans are a family-favorite tradition. With festive concerts at places like St. Louis Cathedral and St. Augustine Church, you and your family can tune in virtually via YouTube or Facebook Live and enjoy holiday-themed music from artists like Irma Thomas, Amanda Shaw, Don Vappie, Tim Laughlin, and Rachel Van Voorhees.

New Orleans Storage Units: Hide Your Christmas Cache

All your online shopping adds up to a bountiful Christmas present cache. Keep it all under wraps with our new climate-controlled storage units in New Orleans on Erato Street. Let Safeguard Self Storage make smart storage solutions a part of your happiest holiday traditions.

Distance Learning: How to Streamline Your Child’s At-Home Classroom

COVID-19 has changed the way we do everything these days, including how we educate our children. With many schools closing their doors, more and more children are learning from home through distance learning and virtual classes. Distance learning is a new thing to a lot of parents and teachers, and not everything will go smoothly at first.

Thankfully, with help from Safeguard Self Storage in Plainview, NY, you can figure out how to keep things streamlined and organized in Nassau—making distance learning a much easier and less stressful process for you and your kids.

Distance Learning: Tips to Keep Things Organized

Create a schedule on a dry-erase board.

If your child is participating in distance learning, it is so much easier to keep track of things if you can see it all in front of you. A dry-erase board comes in handy for tracking homework assignments, times to attend virtual lessons, daily scheduling, and more. You can add and erase things as needed and have the board mounted on the wall by your child's workspace, keeping all the information in view and preventing you from guessing what's due today or what your child needs to complete by tomorrow.

Label plastic totes for specific school items.

Everything is easier to find when it is put in a dedicated spot and labeled correctly. Plastic bins and storage totes come in many different sizes and are best used for storing magnets, colored pencils, flashcards, and other school supplies. Invest in a few plastic bins for your child's crafts and accessories while distance learning. Set them in a dedicated spot like a storage cabinet, beside a desk, or in the closet to keep things out of the way but easily within reach.

Get all the distractions out of the way.

Having virtual classes at home means having your child's toys, video games, TVs, and other distractions in the way. It is important to create a dedicated spot for distance learning and to put those things far away from the area to keep your child focused on schoolwork. A cluttered work environment is not beneficial to your children's education, so you may want to move excess clutter to a Nassau self storage unit in Plainview if you want to give them a clutter-free spot while they are learning at home.

How Nassau Self Storage In Plainview, NY, Can Help Distance Learning

Storage units are your best friend when it comes to creating a space for distance learning and keeping things organized. At Safeguard, we offer a variety of Nassau self storage units in Plainview, NY, to help you organize a better learning environment at home for your children. Having a dedicated learning space for your children will help them to be more successful while attending online classes and doing all their schoolwork from home.


Social Distancing Tips For a Fun Halloween During COVID-19

The coronavirus has changed life for everyone in the world. It has affected how we interact with each other and canceled many events this year, including Halloween in some parts of the country. With a few social distancing tips from Safeguard Self Storage in New Orleans, LA, your children will not have to miss the spooky fun on Halloween night.

3 Social Distancing Tips During Halloween

Turn your home into a haunted house.

Ghosts, ghouls, and goblins—oh my! Transform your home into a haunted house fit for zombies and other scary things. Stock up on decorations like spider webs, strobe lights, and hanging ghosts. Battery-operated sound machines can create spooky noises while eerie music on a Bluetooth player sets the mood. If you have limited space in places like your basement, garage, or spare bedrooms, our New Orleans self storage units on Erato Street can help you utilize more space for your DIY haunted house.

Go on a candy scavenger hunt.

Hunting for eggs on Easter is fun for kids of all ages. What about letting them hunt for candy on Halloween? If they are unable to go trick-or-treating, let them go on a candy scavenger hunt in their own backyard. You can hide candy in a variety of places and set a time for your kids to find it all. Take it one step further by creating a Halloween-themed piñata. Not only will they be able to search for candy, but they can also get together and break open the piñata to discover the surprises inside.

Tell ghost stories with video chat.

Trick-or-treating is all about getting together with friends and visiting every house on the block. The coronavirus is preventing friends and family from walking the sidewalks at night in search of tricks and treats. That does not mean they cannot get together online for some scary ghost stories. Install the Zoom app on your phone or computer, and let your children get together with their friends for some spooky stories on Halloween.

Use New Orleans Self Storage to Store Your Seasonal Decor

The coronavirus does not have to stop you from enjoying the holidays this year. If you take precautions and practice these social distancing tips, you and your family can participate in the Halloween fun even from home.

Once Halloween is over, it is time to put those decorations in storage and save space until the next holiday season. Thankfully, our New Orleans storage units are conveniently located on Erato Street to help you clear out your seasonal belongings with ease. Plus, you can take advantage of our contactless unit rental process to store near you with confidence. Reserve your unit at our Erato Street facility today!

Organizing Your Child’s Hybrid Learning Environment

When it comes to the COVID-19 pandemic, new societal rules have taken a toll on all of us. From wearing face coverings in public spaces to working from home becoming the new normal, people across the country have changed their daily routines to curb the spread of this dangerous virus. Consequently, one group of youngsters has had to adapt to these major changes practically overnight: students.

With new regulations being implemented in schools—such as adding sneeze guards around desks or minimizing physical interaction between peers—many students have been introduced to hybrid learning for the first time. Hybrid learning combines online and in-person education into one curriculum, meaning some students can learn remotely while others learn in a traditional classroom setting simultaneously.

While hybrid learning has been around for some time, many teachers and parents are just now adopting these remote learning strategies to keep students’ exposure to a minimum while ensuring learners are still getting the education they need to succeed. But if you are a parent who is new to hybrid learning, you may be wondering how to provide your child with the best at-home educational experience possible.

At Safeguard Self Storage, we know the first step to ensuring your child stays on track while learning from home is creating an organized hybrid-learning environment. Fortunately, with these easy at-home classroom organization ideas handy, you can rest assured your child will remain focused, motivated, and excited to learn during these unusual times.

Choosing the Right Hybrid Learning Space At Home

Establishing a healthy learning environment for your child goes hand-in-hand with their ability to absorb subject matter and think critically. Rather than having them complete their coursework in common areas around your home (such as at the kitchen table or on the living room sofa), it’s important they have a designated space that’s quiet, is well-organized, and provides all of the learning tools they need in one place.

 Once you have an area picked out that’s perfect for remote learning—like a spare bedroom or office space—then you can focus on keeping your kid’s workspace clutter-free.

4 Classroom Organization Ideas for Remote Learning

From creating an easily digestible class schedule to establishing a designated area for materials, here are a few classroom organization ideas you can use to turn your child’s at-home classroom into an organizational oasis.

1. Supersize Your Child’s Class Schedule

While not a physical item, your child’s class schedule is one of the most important things to organize right away. An easy-to-read and streamlined schedule will allow your student (and you) to stay on track with their curriculum while they are out of the classroom. A fun and easy way to create a visually appealing class schedule is to dedicate an area of your wall to chalkboard paint.

 With chalkboard paint, you can create a daily calendar above your child’s desk or learning area, which makes it easy to refer to as they work on their studies throughout the day. Plus, when you need to make edits, you can easily wipe away old text and write in new. If you would rather not dedicate an area of your wall to chalkboard paint, you could also hang a large whiteboard, bulletin board, or a traditional chalkboard. 

2. Create a Curriculum Control Center

When your child’s school supplies are unorganized, it can be difficult for them to stay on track—not to mention it can be a waste of their school time if they are constantly looking for materials they need. Instead of leaving things like textbooks, notebooks, folders, and craft supplies lying around, create a curriculum control center that is a focal point for your student. Large bookshelves with extra space for individual storage bins will work perfectly for your control center.

Moveable Control Centers

If space is limited in your child’s hybrid learning environment, it might be difficult to create a permanent curriculum control center. Instead, you can create multiple moveable control centers on rolling storage carts. As a bonus, these carts can easily be wheeled away into a closet or other storage area on the weekend to free up space. 

3. Give Each School Subject Its Own Color

Speaking of keeping things organized in your curriculum control center, it is best to designate individual storage bins to each subject your child is studying. No matter if you use small plastic tubs or file holders, assign a specific color to areas of study like English, science, history, and math. Then create labels for each subject so they are easy to remember and spot on the fly.

4. Minimize Distractions with Help from Safeguard Self Storage

If your child is new to a hybrid learning environment, at-home distractions can quickly pull their attention away from getting schoolwork done—especially if you are unable to designate a dedicated learning area in your home due to limited space. Thankfully, Safeguard Self Storage is here to help your child get the most out of their remote learning experience.

Whether you need to transform a spare room or a section of your child’s bedroom into a makeshift classroom, our convenient storage solutions are here to help. With a wide selection of unit sizes and types, you can rid your child’s at-home study space from things like seasonal sports equipment, unused belongings, or clutter with ease.

Create the perfect hybrid learning environment for your child; find your local Safeguard Self Storage facility today to start saving valuable space!

The Best Fall RV Trips

Winter RV storage isn't too far away, but you're not ready to slow down just yet. The cooler temperatures are starting to feel just right. Leaves are on their way to becoming brilliant with autumn colors. You can put everything into your Harvey, LA, self storage unit later. It is time to hit the open road and enjoy these fantastic fall RV trips:

Head North to Maine

The best fall RV trips feature wonderful changes of scenery. Make it happen in Maine with a stay in Arcadia National Park. Immerse yourself in the beauty of spruce and fir forests. Bask on sandy beaches and climb rocky cliffs. Travel back to the 1800s with a tour of Arcadia's historic lighthouses on Mount Desert Island.

Explore Caverns in Kentucky

Deep beneath Kentucky's bluegrass lies a cavernous underground world. Drive your RV to Mammoth Cave National Park and take the plunge. Rangers lead the way as you explore the Mammoth Dome and Bottomless Pit. Nearby RV sites offer late-year camping and fishing fun along some of Kentucky's most scenic rivers.

Relax on Florida Beaches

Count on world-class beach combing just 40 miles west of Orlando at Florida's Cocoa Beach. Slide south down the Space Coast to Vero Beach for even more relaxing RV fun. Take your time. The friendly people and beautiful sights in Florida make it easy to extend your autumn vacation in the Sunshine State.

Drive Across Texas

Not many fall RV trips cover canyons, islands, and mountain ranges. Start an unforgettable journey at Palo Duro Canyon in the Texas High Plains. Ease on south to Galveston Island for a little fishing. Finish your Lone Star RV adventure out west in the majestic Fort Davis Mountains.

Cruise the California Coast

California's Pacific Coast Highway belongs on every end-of-season vacation wish list. The celebrated route includes RV camping in Big Sur. Hike down seaside cliffs. Walk the unspoiled sands of Pfeiffer Beach. Finish your coastal cruise at the edge of Big Sur's magnificent 80-foot McWay Falls.

Stay Ready for Next Year

Everyone who loves the RV life loves to travel year-round. Still, that faithful home on wheels deserves a winter break. When you are done with fall expeditions, it's time to treat the camper right with Safeguard’s outdoor RV storage in Harvey, LA. With our newly redesigned fenced parking area which includes new asphalt, bright LED lighting, a variety of extra-wide parking spaces, and some with drive-thru access (no backing in or out required), you can feel comfortable with your RV stored with us until you hit the open road again next year.


When Should I Close My Pool?

The end of summer always changes backyard routines. Lawn equipment, barbecue grills, and outdoor toys move into Hawthorne, NJ, self storage units. It is time to decide on how and when to close the pool before winter sets in. You want a schedule that keeps your home water park open as long as possible. These tips can help:

Knowing When to Close the Pool

Most pool professionals recommend shutting down late in the fall unless your pool is surrounded by deciduous trees. The advice is based on two factors: water temperature and falling leaves.

If you close the pool while it's still warm, winter protection treatments may not last through spring. However, a constant downpour of autumn leaves and debris adds to cleaning chores.

Aim for a balance between pool water temperature and your maintenance workload. When the water temperature stays around 60 degrees Fahrenheit, close the pool. If skimming leaves turns into an endless routine before then, go ahead and shut down a little early.

How to Close Your Pool for Winter

Set the scene for closing your pool by rounding up water toys, swimming gear, and summertime equipment. Give yourself plenty of room to work by moving excess seasonal items into your Hawthorne self storage unit. Now, you are ready to winterize the pool like a pro.

1. Balance Pool Water Chemistry

Adjust pool water chemistry with a chlorine shock several days before you plan on shutting down the pool. Otherwise, the chemicals might affect the pool cover.

2. Clean, Lower, and Drain

Remove any remaining leaves and debris with a final skim and vacuum. Lower pool water level several inches below skimmers. Drain filters, pumps, and heaters.

3. Check and Prep for Winter

Check the pool's mechanical system and take care of routine maintenance and repairs. Make sure the entire plumbing network is prepped for freezing weather.

4. Use a Combo Cover

Finish by protecting the pool with a combination leaf and safety cover. When spring rolls back around, pulling off the leaf layer makes it easier to remove the heavier safety cover.

Weather the Seasons with Safeguard

If you need extra tips on how to close your pool for winter, check online DIY videos and pool builders' sites. If you need extra space for keeping pool gear or other seasonal belongings safe through the winter, check out our climate-controlled storage units in Hawthorne, NJ. Safeguard makes it easy to weather the seasons, and we are here for you year-round.

How Not to Clear Clutter at Home

When it comes to decluttering your home, surface-level organization only puts a temporary band-aid on your messy space. And, while your first trip to your Hermosa self storage unit might get things off to a good start, bad cleaning habits can put you right back to square one in no time. At Safeguard in Chicago, IL, our storage experts at here to help you rethink how to clear clutter at home without unintentionally making the job harder on yourself.

6 Decluttering Mistakes You Can Conquer

1. Overthinking At-Home Storage Systems

Resist the temptation to stock up on storage systems before you declutter the house. Clever cabinet organizers and suspended closet shelves are great, but hold off on buying them until you sort out clutter first. Once you are done, you will be able to keep your at-home storage systems clean, organized, and easy to navigate.

2. Working Without a Plan

Don't try to figure out a decluttering strategy while you are in the middle of going through your belongings. Start with a plan on paper that lists problems in each room. Break cluttered spaces into manageable zones. Figure out a schedule that lets you make progress every day. Save your sanity by keeping it flexible.

3. Skipping Over Sorting

Maximize efficiency by sorting as you dig in. Streamline the process by setting up container stations in each room. This lets you quickly sort items into boxes for keepers, throwaways, and things headed for long-term storage.

4. Being Emotionally Distracted

Special treasures can derail figuring out how to clear clutter at home. This is not the time to sit down with a favorite photo album. Put that wonderful journal in a keeper box and move on. Enjoy things you are emotionally attached to after you have decluttered the house.

5. Worrying About Monetary Value

You paid good money for it. Should you really let it go? This reasonable question can set back your best decluttering efforts. Frame it differently. Could that item generate extra cash at your next garage sale? If the answer is yes, move it to your storage unit for now.

6. Having Second Thoughts

It's easy to stack those well-organized boxes in neat piles and relax, but be careful. Do not give yourself time to second-guess all your hard work. Avoid a change of mind by getting everything out of the house. Move keepers and donations to self storage as soon as you can.

Conquering Clutter With Safeguard Self Storage

Conquering clutter around the house gives you the serenity of an organized home. And stashing your excess belongings in one of our climate controlled storage units in Hermosa gives you the luxury of extra space. Here at Safeguard, we are happy to offer the peace of mind that comes with always having room to spare. When you need to expand your decluttering options, trust Safeguard Self Storage in Chicago, IL, to serve you with the best.

5 Things You Didn't Know You Needed to Stay Cool this Summer

We all enjoy summer weather until the heat invades our personal home space. Scorching temperatures outside can make an apartment feel like an oven. It can even affect some of your favorite belongings.

When the AC struggles to keep up, you need a few easy hacks to help bring back the chill. Fortunately, climate controlled storage units at Safeguard in Valley Stream, NY, can keep your stuff protected while you focus on how to stay cool in your apartment the summer.

Five Cool Things You Really Need This Summer

1. Serious Seals

Put your DIY talents to work by sealing windows and doors with rope caulk or felt strips. Make sure exterior door sweeps are in good shape. Colorful draft blockers on windowsills also help beat the heat and brighten up the apartment.

2. Better Curtains

If you have extra curtains stashed away in self storage, bring them home. Layered window coverings block summer heat and help hold down utility bills. Think about buying thermal curtains made with acrylic foam linings.

3. Cooler Lights

Figuring out how to stay cool in the summer can be good for the planet. Reduce heat inside by replacing lights with eco-friendly LED bulbs. Energy-efficient LEDs generate less heat and last longer than traditional lights.

4. Frosty Bowls

It is too hot to cook, so fill those big metal and ceramic mixing bowls with ice cubes. Set them in front of fans around the apartment and hit the switch. Relax as you bask in steady, chilly breezes.

5. Personal Coolers

Wrap yourself up in personal cooling systems that do not cost a dime. Place wet bandanas or cloths in the freezer for half an hour. Slip one around your neck, another around a wrist, and one on top of your head. Trade out as needed for a chill you can enjoy over and over.

Items That Deserve Climate-Controlled Storage Units

As hard as the heat can be on you, think about how it affects some of your belongings. Check around the apartment and gather up items that need summertime protection in self storage. Don't overlook these valuables:

  • Expensive electronics
  • Older media such as DVDs
  • Artwork and photographs
  • Sensitive musical instruments
  • Antique furnishings and collectibles
  • Comic book and stamp collections

Staying Cool and Secure With Safeguard

Knowing how to stay cool in the summer makes life a little easier. Knowing your favorite things are in a new storage facility designed to keep them safe and secure, climate-controlled storage makes it even better. Give us a call here at Safeguard Self Storage in Valley Stream, NY, today and let us help you weather the seasons all year-round.

Constantly on the Move? Here's How to Keep Your Car Clean

The front seat is your go-to spot for casual dining. Sometimes, you stash a change of clothes in the trunk. When you are always on the road, your car or truck can easily become your second home. It is a great setup until your belongings and waste pile up, so knowing how to keep your car clean keeps your home away from home comfortable and safe.

With these smart car cleaning tips and simple rules from Safeguard Self Storage, you can ensure your ride stays clutter-free—even if you are constantly on the road. And, after you get in the routine of keeping your car clean, you can work on decluttering your home with a little help from our wide selection of Hollywood, FL, storage units.

7 Easy Ways You Can Keep Your Car Clean

1. Box Your Lunch

Plastic divided lunch containers can corral sandwiches and sides, as well as catch crumbs and spills. Use these handy food storage containers as a plate to securely eat drive-through orders or homemade to-go lunches in your vehicle. And, when you are done, you can seal the container until you are ready to toss out scraps.

2. Unstick Cup Holders

There is nothing worse than spilled liquid sloshing around in your cup holder. Rather than letting sugary soda or coffee spills solidify in your holder, cradle drinks large and small in cup holders protected with silicone liners. These affordable inserts save cleanup time, too. When they get dirty, just toss them in the dishwasher and reinsert.

3. Contain Car Trash

Instead of simply tossing trash into your back seat or rear floorboard, you can convert a plastic cereal container into a convenient car trash can. Line the canister with a small plastic bag and fill at will. Your seats and floorboards will love you for it.

4. Keep Cleanup Quick

Wet wipes come to the rescue for spills, smudges, and general car cleaning. Keep a pack of disinfecting wipes in your center console or glove box to clean up messy mistakes behind the wheel.

5. Take Charge of Change

Stash nickels, dimes, and quarters in a coin holder that fits directly into one of your lined cup holders. This simple strategy lets you cruise through tolls without going on a search mission for quarters and keeps loose change from filling up your storage areas.

6. Hang-Up Clutter

Running out of storage compartments for your on-the-go essentials? Suspend a small, multi-pocketed shoe hanger from a front seat headrest and fill it with everything. From computer chargers and paperwork to an actual change of shoes, this organizer will keep your belongings off the floorboard in a neat and orderly way.

7. Tame Your Trunk

Laundry baskets turn your trunk into an organized space that is easy to access and rearrange. Use these bins to separate groceries, organize shopping spree goods, and house a fresh change of clothes when you cannot make it back to your house or apartment.

Simple Rules for Keeping the Car Clean

Now that you know how to keep your car clean, make sure it stays that way with these simple rules:

  • Clean It Up - When a mess happens, save time later by cleaning it up right away.
  • Take Something Out - Every time you put something in the car, take something out.
  • Declutter Weekly - Spend a few minutes each week decluttering and cleaning your car.

Hollywood, FL, Storage Units Give You Extra Breathing Room

Keeping your car clean makes life on the go easier, but what about life at home? At Safeguard Self Storage, our Hollywood, FL, storage units give you the extra room you need to ensure your house or apartment stays clutter-free. No matter if you need to store an additional vehicle or clean out your garage, our wide selection of air-conditioned self storage units will give you breathing room and protect your belongings.